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  Ritchey Break -Away  offerings

     How to order

We can Help with all your Ritchey Break-Away Framesets and complete Bike NEEDS:

  including   Ritchey Swiss Cross , Ritchey logic,  Ritchey P-29 , Ritchey Outback steel and outback Carbon

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Welcome to 2022, Local and Travel Lets ride more!


 Ritchey Break-way Framesets kits

With travel Case starting at $1799.90! while they last.


Full  Builds ready to ride options and chat.


Request a build sheet :  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com


Ritchey frame and framesets start@ $999. ,   We ship world wide  Builds available  call  / e-mail lets chat !

E-mail:  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com


Below  Carbon Ritchey break-away fits in the checkable travel cases below.

A real bike you can use daily and pack and check as luggage when you travel

Ritchey Outback with travel case ,  special  pricing on Builds , request a build/price sheet.  bicycledoctor@outlook.com


Great service and Prices makes it possible to have been the # 1 dealer in the world ,.

Not every year but we try every year. award from Tom to BicycleDoctorUSA


Steve Q From Pennsylvania  with his new  Ritchey OutBack from our shop




My personal Carbon break-away  Road on my Last trip to Cayman.

Packs in a 10x29x29 travel case

Sram E-tap no wires or Cables to derailleurs,  Zipp 303 I leave in Cayman , I travel with Ritchey wheels .


Resent Steel CX break- Away Build


We also offer full ready to ride builds.



Above Ritchey travel case on left and on right our Hard Case option.

I have made lots of trips with the stock Ritchey case but it is 65" 3" oversized for most airlines.

over sized Luggage charges are common today I have never been charged but I do have a airline friendly case.

Our hard case option offers more protection and its 62" airline standard.



Just got back from over 1,000 miles of riding on the Break - Away Carbon  in Cayman training and riding across CUBA for the 3rd time:  

 I now own four myself:   2 steel and  now one road Carbon and one Outback Carbon.

Above the 5 amigo's riding Cuba for the 3rd time

I did not pay a dime to bring my Ritchey packs as checkable luggage.


Above travel Bag included with a new Ritchey Framesets and full builds  ,   available for sale as a bag only  with no internal  packing as a replacement .   I typically get 25-30 trips out of my travel bags  , all  savvy travelers  know all   luggage eventually  wears out , conveyor belts / turn styles and the handlers are tuff on Luggage .    We also have a hard case Option for much longer life that meets the airlines 62" rule  26x26x10  checkable luggage .    Internal packing sold separately.  Tip: I always option for travel insurance and back up credit card  insurance coverage just in case my bag lost / damaged or misplaced .  I have been blessed and have not ever needed it but that's what insurance all about "just in case".



Ritchey Road Disc Brake : Framesets and complete builds


Ken Cochrum New Ritchey  we  built him!

"Here you go, Steve. Rode about 100 miles on this in the past four days and absolutely love the silky smooth ride."


All Ritchey's can service you as a daily ride and checkable luggage when you travel ,  Fit comfortably  in the travel cases above.

Frameset kit  for the Ritchey frameset kit  with travel Case start $1299.90



Look close that's Bill with his Ritchey on the center 600 year old of the bridge .


Hi Steve,
We are about half way through the bike trip and the bike has been wonderful. I took a side trip to see this walking bridge yesterday.

The Pont Genois bridge. About  600 years old near Porto, Corsica.
Bill Kleckner  



Traveling without a bike, for me it's like being the only one Naked in crowd !


Act quick to grab a special  Ritchey Break-away steel Frameset  kit with Bike hard Travel Case exchange

 Also have Hard travel case option on Steel and  Carbon  Framesets and complete bikes.



Another happy rider!  Sam just got his complete build we shipped to Oregon.  

I am sure it will be the best bike you have ever owned!!



   Robinson Edward Wren    New Ride  In Florida

  Full ready to ride bike we just shipped. 

He just shared a photo with us from his Florida home.

"Is that not sexy, handsome or petty "  steve

Its all starts with a frameset kit we will build one to fit your needs 

What's the Hard case exchange all about ? 

99% of all the airline's in the world go by what called the 62" rule.  If your checkable luggage over 62" the airlines has the option to move to oversized charges.  I can't speak for all the airlines but I do know US Airways and America charge $200.00 for a bike , Delta and many other charge $150.00 and those charge are one way!  By up grading to the Hard Bike case over the Ritchey Case (stock Ritchey case 65") you do not take the chance getting hit with oversized or bike charges.  

There also 2nd option we offer:

 Ritchey travel case Mod's to make them more airline friendly .  Talk to one our Tec's about the Hard bike case option or the Ritchey case modification.  I personally use the Ritchey soft case with the Bicycle Doctor Modification most of the time, but many want the protection that a hard case offers with no zipper or straps '.   Note:   Generally Travel Cases and luggage are not under any warranty from the Hazards of travel: airport conveys, turn styles, luggage stacked to the sky, overloaded or packed in correct on your part or TSA, and do not forget Gorillas that heave or luggage around.  If you move to a Hard case option your chances of surviving most thing short of a nuclear  attack are increased and you are getting away from straps and zipper  with 360 drgrees around and up and down protection all hard.  The good news  most credit cards offer lost or damage luggage in the rare case something does happen or you might even add travel insurance to cover all the unexpected in travel.  I personally do not do it on the soft case or hard case  consenter the shrink wrap option most major airports offer this option. for extra luggage protection


    Your bike can be on your next trip.


My Personal Bike riding  Cuba coast to coast , did not pay a dime to travel with my Ritchey BAB


Cuba Coast to Coast Group at south Coast of Cuba just out side Cienfuegos


No compromise high performance Real road bike Ride that can be used for travel , everyday use, Touring ,training rides, high speed club rides , I use the same bike everyday including to and from the shop. My personal Ritchey  has gone over 4,000 miles this year riding in Indiana, Florida , Cayman islands , Cuba, and out Westerner United states.


Ritchey  Back in Indiana



Above  Carbon Ritchey Breakaway  BAB  . , with Sram e-tap  and Ritchey Super logic wheels.

Its easy to own one,  start with a call to one of our experts, we will help you sort out the model and options that's fits your needs. 

We are Confident know one has more experience or options available than BicycleDoctorUSA.com    !

E-mail BicycleDoctor@att.net Phone 812-825-5050


Hello gentleman,


    Don D. Paul here, with a note for you in regards to my Ritchey Breakaway. I finally assembled the bike of my dreams about a month ago and have started riding it.

    Guys, it's like riding a Bentley. Fantastic, fabulous, fun, fast, freeing; if I could find more  positive"Fs" I would.



We get customer feed back almost weekly like this, we will take good care of you also.

Hi Steve,
I have been riding my Ritchey Breakaway for one month now (54cm, SRAM Rival, Zetta wheels, lizard skin handlebar tapeÖ) . Thank you for such a fabulous bike! Itís a beautiful machine and a pure joy to ride.
Although Iíve been cycling for 33 years, I knew little about all the components that go into building a bike. I had to greatly rely on your expertise to build a bike of good quality for a good value. It was a leap of faith on my part since it was the most money Iíve spent on a bicycle. However, Iím glad I trusted your judgment. Thanks to you, I have an outstanding travel/tour bicycle. And, as you suggested, learning how to assemble/disassemble my bike makes me a better rider.
Warm regards,
Cindy Fewell

Hi Steve & Eric,
I wanted to let you know that I received the replacement frame. A very sincere THANK-YOU to you for your incredible customer service. I'm not sure I have ever previously, in any consumer area, experienced such prompt and responsive customer service. You guys should be proud of what you have going there!

I will reach back out to you next trip and make a call on the bike for my son.

Thanks again.


"BEST BIKE YET, I was surprised how it turned out , Better Than I expected"

Gerald Rooney

Santa Cruz Ca.



You May never see this Crew again in one Photo again.

Steve Dodds  / Tom Ritchey / Joe Breeze / Charlie Kelly / Gary Fisher


Peak at  WCS Ritchey Break-away Carbon

 IN stock ready to Ship world wide!

Demo one at the Indiana shop & Cayman Office any time.


15.61 LB complete ready to ride!  it would not be hard to get it under 15Lb!





We have them ALL available!!!!!!!!!!!! Steel / Carbon Break-Away  

 -   Swiss Cross -  OutBack - Logic - and the new Richey Tandem

Ritchey Break Away  CX   **       Ritchey Tandem Break Away.

Break Away Tandem for daily use and travel fits in a case!

  beautiful Ritchey Available in steel and Carbon outback  CX  BAB  comes with airline travel case.

E-mail for a Build sheet!  Bicycledoctor@att.net

Ritchey Tandem comes with the ritchey travel case Taking orders .

email BicycleDoctor@outlook.com  for Build sheet sheet on all models 

A beautiful Ritchey  Road Break-A-Way we just shipped.

Available in Steel  and Carbon

E-mail us for the complete BAB line-up Build sheet  Bicycledoctor@att.net 



"Bicycle Doctor is one of our original and most experienced Break Away dealers. You're in good hands with Steve & Eric."

Nate Shaw

National Retail Sales Manager



You are in good hands working with Steve.  Heís our best IBD retailer.  You donít have anything to worry about when you are purchasing Ritchey from Bicycle Doctor USA.


Thanks     Jeff Sowa

Ritchey Design account manger






Your Pick  Carbon or Heat treated Ritchey cromoly Tubing frame & Ritchey Pro Carbon Fork!

Ritchey break-away with deluxe bag in back ground, airlines checkable. Full bike sale call for best price.

 Ritchey BAB road (black)   Ritchey BAB Cross (white)


Happy Rider on a Ti BAB Purchased from our shop!


E-mail    Bicycledoctor@outlook.com 






Watch this Video: Click

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obrc22abQEk     BAB road you tube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwdDA-0iNhc    BAB Tandem U-tube up date



Travel / Vacations / home/club rides will never be the same again!  


 set-up Ritchey



     To order one E-mail:  bicycledoctor@att.net or request more information / Build sheet!




This BAB framesets a home run. A high end Road bike that Combines the best of two worlds. You get a light weight Road bike that can hang in on Any club ride, training Ride or Race, and a bike that collapses as a small as a regular piece of Luggage. No bulky straps and no cumbersome, Heavy cases.

I took a Titanium /carbon BAB on vacation about 15 years ago, I am still riding the bike as a daily ride and on using it on trips. I have also added a New 2016 Carbon Now to my Ritcheys

We have all Ritchey BAB:    Carbon  , Steel  framesets available.

Order ASAP, many models will sell out again in 2022  for sure they are hard to get, supply limited!
Frameset include: deluxe travel case with wheels, Carbon fork, special fittings and headset.
The perfect package if you have a donor bike if you want to transplant your parts on a new BAB.



No compromising ride, That packs in a checkable travel case., Deluxe Travel case w/wheels  included!  Take a set of Road tires and Cross on you next trip you will have two bikes in one.  We also have Road specials please E-mail or phone for current specials    Ritchey Break-Away Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60.

Special pricing on  Ritchey Road or Cross with deluxe travel case, Special ready to Ride!!!





click photo for a full size photo.








    How to order


Frame sizes available

Road:  48-50-52-54-56-58 & 60cm

Cross 48-50-52-54-56-58 & 60cm

"This may have been the best looking Ďcross bike I saw yesterday. The matching fork is a new graphic touch for Ritchey and really ties the bike together nicely. And though not immediately apparent, this is a Break-Away."  Patrick



Save Hundreds of Dollars during our sale!

Email / phone for special pricing BicycleDoctor@att.net


Ritchey Travel case included with all framesets & Bikes, no extra charge, I personally have made over 100 trips with my Ritchey Case.


  Click to enlarge photo.

Option S&S travel case for those who feel they need it.

Flip out handle and 2 wheels on the narrow side of the Case.

10" Edge pull

Case dimensions are 26" x 26" x 10"   which meets the typical Airline Standard maximum size limit of 62" combined (length + width + thickness). The standard case has an improved wheel configuration that greatly improves the stability of the case when it's being pulled.



Click on the photo to see a complete ready to ride bike in travel case!







Terry in Cayman Islands with her BAB (break-away-Bike)



Tom Ritchey  & Steve Dodds sealing the Deal !

From right to left.

Tom Ritchey -  Steve Dodds owner BicycleDoctorUSA.com  -  Colby Former Sales Executive  -  David Law  former Sales Manger Ritchey USA

One of the World largest BAB dealers we know BAB better than anyone, we  ride them daily to work and take the same bike on trips.



 Ritchey P-29  Call for the special price  custom paint available

 MTB :  New also  check with us for Show bike demo discount bikes .

new models for 2022 coming soon




The return of the legendary Ritchey Mountain Bike.

Framesets and complete builds

Tom Ritchey applied 38 years of racing, designing and building steel mountain bikes into a new model Ė  Like any Ritchey, this bike is born to go fast without sacrificing comfort or durability. Heat-treated, triple-butted Ritchey Logic II tubing in our own unique butting profiles results in a frame that balances rough trail compliance with sprint-winning stiffness.

The 29er-specific geometry was defined by the best way we know: countless hours of saddle time under Tom Ritchey, World Cup legend Thomas Frischknecht and other racers. The result: nimble handling that captures the benefits of the big wheels, stable but not sluggish, equally at home on all-day epics or tight, technical singletrack race courses.


The instantly-recognizable tri-color fade is a tribute to the classic Ritchey P-series racing mountain bike.



WEIGHT: 4.74lbs for frame/dropouts (Size: L)

FORK: Designed for use with 100mm travel forks

MSRP: $999.95  interbike  discount demo's might be available check with us any time


 For more information call BicycleDoctorUSA.com at 812-825-5050 or e-mail bicycledoctor@att.net


Ritchey swiss Cross  available with Disc  and cantilever brakes.

Special pricing on last year color.

Ask about an interbike demo bike deal!





How to order


E-mail at bicycledoctor@outlook.com

Phone: 812-825-5050





Are the Ritchey BAB hard to Get?     Yes, order ASAP before the 2022 line gets to long.

Tom  Ritchey doesn't make them fast enough,  Very low production runs to keep Quality up. 



Travel case option

 I personally use the Ritchey Case, some want the  hard case, we offer  case accessory  options.



 Butterfly Latch Hard Case      Our Newest Hard Case



 Overall features and benefits of our Butterfly Latch hard cases:

  • The shell is made from textured black high density polyethylene which is extremely tough.

  • Industrial style handles and hardware for high strength and durability.

  • Two rugged steel butterfly latches that can take a beating without breaking.

  • Padlock tabs so a regular or TSA approved padlock can be used. 

  • Heavy duty recessed ball bearing wheels.

  • Wheels are placed farther apart than any other case we offer for extra stability when being pulled.

  • Wheel pockets "molded in" instead of "cut in" for extra durability.

  • Durable, full length, piano hinge.

  • Rugged spring loaded steel flip out handle for pulling the case.

  • Rugged spring loaded steel flip up handle for carrying the case.

  • Molded in feet so they can't be broken off and they are farther apart for added stability.

  • We stock all the latches and hardware so in the unlikely event that something gets damaged, it's repairable..

  • No liner so it can easily be washed out after that mountain biking adventure.

  • Lighter than our original hard case style so you can carry more cargo inside without exceeding the weight restrictions.

  • Available in a combination edge / side pull version

  • Made in the USA

  • See prices below.


Construction Details

Heavy duty butterfly latches

Wide spaced wheels and full length piano hinge


 Due to its wide wheelbase, this case is very stable when pulled on its edge.


 10"  Edge pull, Butterfly Latch

Case dimensions are 26" x 26" x 10"  which meets the typical airline standard maximum size limit of 62" combined (length + width + thickness). 

  • Approximate retail price is $449.90  plus S&H
  • Approximate weight is 15.2 pounds


This is our most versatile, yet economically priced, case

 10" Combination Edge Pull / Side Pull, Butterfly Latch

Case dimensions are 26" x 26" x 10" which meets the typical airline standard maximum size limit of 62" combined (length + width + thickness). Uses the carry handle as the pull handle when pulling it on its edge which is the same configuration that we use on the Designer style case shown below.

  • Approximate retail price is $449.90 plus S&H
  • Approximate weight is 15.6 pounds

(Now Available)




Hard Case Travel case options


Popular options:


Complete deluxe under seat tool bag and tools:

Bag 19.90

Park 13 in one IB-2 $24.90

C02 pump 14.90

Spare Co2 2.00 each

Spare tube 5.99

Ritchey Torque tool 29.90

Spare clamp 19.90

Spare derailleur hanger 29.90

Selle SMP split down the middle saddle 99.90 =59.00 with trade

Mini lights front and rear 29.90

Wireless 9.0 bike computer 49.90

Water cages carbon 39.90 alloy cages 7.99  each

Small patch kit 1.98

Dual clipless pedal 59.90

Clean ride chain wax & lube $6.99


 Ritchey Swiss Cross  frameset $1299.90 take orders now.



E-mail:  Bicycledoctor@outlook.com

    How to order

Custom Builds welcome.  contract us by phone or e-mail for a build sheet.



  • Phone:  812-825-5050

    How to order 



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  • S&H not included in Sale price.

    We offer Ritchey BAB case modifications, a must for USPS shipments and to make them more airline friendly $49.90

    They say a picture worth a thousand words, I will be brief and give you a 7 step guild for those that want to do it them self's or Our Tec will do it for you.






    Photo #1 Ritchey Case 29" before Modifications.

    Photo #2 Step drill rivets out on Handle and side.

    Photo #3 Peel case back from Hard Liner.

    Photo # 4 Ritchey Case with liner peeled back ready for cut.

    Photo #5 Hard Liner positioned on Miter saw for clean smooth cut.

    Photo #6 Hard liner after cuts on right and left side ready to be reassembled

    Photo #7 Hard Liner back in case, replace rivets with bolts/washers on handle and sides.

    Photo #8 Ritchey case after modifications ,  you can bolt the over lap together but I have found its best to have a according type case for easy storage at both ends when the bikes out of the case.

    Total work time about a hour  , now your case is airline ready,  sometimes you will be asked what's in the case, be honest and say bicycle parts, which it is when its disassembled . If you mention or say bicycle sometimes the airline agent may charge you for a bike.

    We also offer S&S travel hard cases and soft cases, I have made over 100 trips with my Ritchey case,  we offer both for those that feel they need a S&S.

    Eric Dodds Professional Bike Tec: Photo taken at www.BicycleDoctorUSA.com  world headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana , home of the Cutters.


    Tom with his wife Martha , behind the Ritchey Tandem he designed and build for his wife so they can tour the world together.

    Thanks to Tom he going to share his tandem with us all, contact Steve or Eric for a complete Build just for you e-mail:  bicycledoctor@att.net

    Below a resent Tandem build  my master builder Eric Dodds

    Now its possible to travel with a tandem any ware  drops in Ritchey travel cases.


    TRP  Hy-Road Brakes for the Tandem /  Ritchey OutBack /  Ritchey CX

    Just a hair over $200.00

    Cable activated hydraulic very powerful  brakes and easy to maintain.   





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    E-mail: bicycledoctor@outlook.com