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Monthly Specials  :  Winter/Spring  2022


Specials offering:

Largest selection of Ritchey's in the USA

Supply will be limited for 2022 order ASAP




Z1pp  wheels

Carbon wheels make any bike Faster / more comfortable / more Durable and more miles in the same amount of time .

How all that work:   Just a few hundred  less grams of weight changes everything on the ride.

( Think of it like running in boots or tennis shoes ,  its rotational weight you the rider  propel over and over again.

That few 100's grams spinning weight  must be turned over and over and wears you down.

 Next High End  Rims are shaped  Aero to cheat the wind.

How sure are we on the durability : Life time Factory warranty including crash  

E-Mail:  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com  or Call  812-825-5050  us any weekday morning 8-12noon

we can help you go Faster / do more miles / more comfortable and durable>

Zipp Life-Time Factory warranty including crash!


Call us for all your   All-City  Framesets or complete bike needs.


2022 Pinarello   Supply will be limited for 2022  order ASAP

Feel free to call or email for more details:  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com


Save $50.00+ on a new Garmin

Call / email for current specials 


Garmin GPS Edge 530 $249.90


 Tacx    Neo 2T smart Trainer 


ORDER direct from a factory authorized dealer and save $100's!

Most agree, best trainer made.


Sram Etap AXS  Force and RED AXS 


e-mail: how to get the best price! BicycleDoctor@outlook.com

 "Check with us for other Special offering and un-advertised specials"

Sram Etap and Sram Etap AXS Specials

Drop us a email how to get unadvertised specials!



Hugh  Zipp Wheels Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  all models

Staring under $800.00 pair


 Special  Garmin Edge Pricing specials

   E-mail  for current specials!





Tacx  Trainer's by Garmin


Best in-door trainer Made !


 Unadvertised specials coming soon get on the list!

TACX  Neo 2T smart   top of the line indoor trainer the closest ride like being out side , Live TV screen , feel the road , feel the climb , see the work.

Garmin Tacx 2T Smart Test center


 Pinarello E-bike  Road

List price $7900.00   Special $4999.90



 Ritchey Ultra Team Edition

We offer full builds

$999.90 frame before discounts





Price reduction on all in stock Dogma F10 rim and disk frames. Pinarello's winningest Grand Tour bike effective immediately will be priced at:


 disc or rim brake Frameset 


Free Test Ride Visit our shop


Pinarello  Now available at BicycleDoctorUSA

Full  Ready ready to ride and frameset sales!


Above Ritchey Carbon Break away:   travel bike  / everyday  in the Cayman Islands

 Bike that fits in 10"x29'x29" checkable travel Case below!

Above complete Ritchey Bike in a Travel case that's airline checkable or tucks in the trunk of a car:  Travel bike everyday Bike

Outback its first trip

New Ritchey OutBack Break-Away Build we just shipped to Palo Alto

Get your quote today!!  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com


New Ritchey Logic

Get your quote today!!  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com


  specials   Ritchey Logic framesets and Bikes ! 



Lowest price of the year on Garmin

 Instant cash discounts!

Edge 530 $249.90 all month


e-mail for special:    bicycledoctor@outlook.com


Ritchey Break away A real bike that packs

 Airline checkable travel case or the trunk of your car.

Frameset kits and travel case starting around $1299.90




Continental GP5000 Tire   Now in stock

Available sizes 700x23-25-28-32  Tube and Tubeless

Unadvertised Special: email  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com

Faster , Lighter , more puncture protection.

One of the most popular road bike tires on the market has gotten an overhaul ó and is now also available in a tubeless version. The new Continental GP5000 is claimed to deliver 12% better rolling resistance and 20% more puncture protection than the outgoing GP4000sII.



Hugh Zipp wheel sale from under $800 pair!!

Authorized Dealer,  full factory warranty and support  , all the real deal  no counterfeit from our shop

2021 available now,  2020 Zipp wheels Specials



2022 Zipp

All zipp wheels 2022  now have life time warranty and crash warranty








Garmin New Home Run !

Garmin Rally RS 200

Garmin Rally RK200

Garmin Rallt XC200

 Dual power readout Pedals

Measure  power out-put at the pedals


Garmin Rally power pedals

 Best service  price anywhere



Ritchey OutBack BreakAway  with travel case

 Steel with Carbon fork  and Full carbon framesets   Ritchey BreakAway frameset Kits start at $1499.90  we also offer full Builds.   request a price sheet . build sheet BicycleDoctor@att.net

Check with us for a unadvertised   special's  with travel case, couplers and Torque Key, the Carbon Tuff Outback BreakAway can clear 40c tires

(Like our SpeedMax 40), features flat mount brake mounts, 12mm thru-axle and a 68mm English bottom Bracket shell. Build it with sram e-Tap, mechanical, 1x, double or however your customer wants! It's our most versatile bike yet.

Ritchey OutBack BreakAway ,  all fits in a travel case for easy travel!


Full  Ritchey BreakAway bike in Travel Case!






Hi Steve I have been Racing with the Ritchey in Mexico and everywhere I get compliments for the originality of the bike , I have improved my climbing drastically,

I love it , It runs very fast .   Best Inogp


The above frameset and Bikes are now on sale e-mail for more information



Wow!! I love it! Thanks for everything once again.  Have a good weekend,  John in Kentucky

A Real bike that folds for transport and storage!

More information on Pricing let chat , email:     Bicycledoctor@outlook.com

A real  world class Road  and CX Bike that packs in a airline  checkable  Bag ,  also great auto  travel or storage .


e-mail us for more information:  Bicycledoctor@outlook.com

 Visit our Ritchey web page for more photos or request price sheet.


Hey Steve,


I hope this finds you and your family in good spirits. I have finally got around to building up the breakaway frame. Firstly, thanks for making sure it arrived safe and sound to Oz. Everything arrived in one piece and without any delays.

When I took the frame out of the case I was blown away by the small details that make the difference between buying a run of the mill frame or something thatís associated with an individual. Tom has obviously thought a lot about the design but also the finish of the frame. I have many frames but was speechless with the finish and the amazing clear coat. The detailed instructions and added extras (torque wrench) was a surprise and I was also appreciative of the work you did facing the BB and fitting the headset.

 As I said Iíve just got around to getting a feel for how to set this up but here are couple of pics so far. Iím going to fit a Zipp Vumaquad crank and will be using the Gold BB that came with the crank. The rest of the set up will be a mix of AX lightness and Extralite components. Iíll send you a picture when itís finished. Sorry for such a long email as it didnít start that way! Oh today has been such a beautiful day here, so I threw a picture from our terrace in. 😎

 I hope the weather is warming up for you and youíve been busy selling plenty of bikes!

 All the best,  Peter Walker



Ritchey Swiss cross available as a frameset or complete Bike.

Great Gravel Bike !  Ritchey Frameset or full bike!




"And you're a wonderful business owner. Lynn and I have so enjoyed getting to know you and Eric through this process!"



Michael Geis  Ohio



Tom and Steve at the bike show



Hand Built Ritchey Logic steel  Framesets start slightly above $1000.00


Ritchey  Swiss Cross   frameset and complete bikes.


The Five Amigo's Just road Cuba for the 3rd time!

Check out the Richey Break-away Carbon road,

   I just rode across Cuba  on One, best bike I have ever owned.


SRAM  E-TAP   and Etap AXS now on special

In stock we can ship Today!

Watch the e-tap video    https://www.sram.com/sram/road/family/sram-red-etap   

You will say, I want it Now!


Special pricing  

 1X and 2X E-tap  AXS

2022 E-Tap AXS  in stock while it last!



 Iconic cycling Jersey $79.90 

 Jersey from Bloomington Indiana,  Home of the Cutters

Dave (Dennis)  and Steve 40+ years after the filming cycling all time Best movie " Breaking away"



Above Steve and Dave (Dennis) Back in the Day.

You know this Bike from the movie

Reserve your Jersey for your or special Gift, supply limited!

e-mail: BicycleDoctor@outlook.com





  Drop us a e-mail on how to get the best wheel pricing e-mail: Bicycledoctor@outlook.com



Rick M. from Oregon state:  we just shipped.  

 his new Ritchey Carbon break-away.

Special all month.




Back In stock

Redline MonoCog  29er and America Classic

Available in size:  17  Frameset $399.90

Its all about the

Challenge / simplistic build

 Smooth ride of steel on and off the trail.



 Special $399.90 frameset only




 Special Pricing  all Month!

Mate the power measurement Pedals  up with a Garmin GPS Special

email :  Bicycldoctor@outlook.com




  2022 /2021  wheels and other specials !!!!!

We can Help with All your Zipp Needs

Best price and service in the USA





 International Bike show  here a peak inside!












We will have Tom Ritchey personal Tandem on display , taking order's.  

A Checkable break-away Ritchey Tandem.

Comes with a travel case,  sold as a frameset or a complete bike!


BicycleDoctorUSA  crew





Need More information drop us a e-mail @ bicycledoctor@outlook.com










On the fence about purchasing your new Ritchey?  Hurry supply will be limited for 2022


  and get you a deal on Ritchey parts to build.





Need More information drop us a e-mail @ bicycledoctor@outlook.com




Special pricing for Slowtwitch and Roadbike review riders available.








  about 16 lb +/-  complete click to super size

In stock: Ritchey  Logic  Frameset  special  e-mail for more information




 Tom Ritchey BAB (break away bike)Tandem

Tom has a lot of passion for this tandem , very limited supply.


Full size Break away Bike that fits into a checkable Bag:  Road - CX and now Tandem for travel and every day use.

Last years sizes :48-50-52-54-56-58-60  this years sizes: xs/S/M/L/XL

           E-mail : 

Why do Aero wheels go Fast

There nothing you can install on your bike that will make it go as fast as a light weight aero wheel. 


Technical advantage: At 15MPH and up the cheating of the wind starts to have a real advantage over none aero wheels.  At 25mph, 80% of an average rider's power output is used just to overcome the effects of wind drag when riding on the flat. Any reduction in this percentage results in either an increase in speed or a decrease in effort.

The speed you can achieve on your bike is determined by two factors. The first is how much power you are able to produce, measured in watts. The second is wind resistance, commonly referred to as "drag" and is usually measured in pounds at 30 mph in wind tunnel testing. The faster you go, the more wind drag there is to overcome. This is why a rider with a technical advantage is often able to go faster than one with a greater power output. 

In addition to the factors above WEIGHT or lack of weight drops the rational  weight, you will use less output  to keep wheels spinning over the coarse of the ride, Just a few grams can mean you moved a few 100 extra more pounds at the end of the ride, that extra weight wearing you down,  I often use the term do you want to run in Boots or light tennis shoes.


It all starts with a Break away frame, all remaining  before our next shipment Break -a-way on sale, email for a price list


A ready to ride Ritchey  that all fits in a travel bag for travel!

 frameset kit with case start slightly over $1,000.00

Its a every day club racer (we also have CX models) and a travel bike,  with airlines charging $150.00 and up each way you need one!

I am not sure how you feel , if I don't have my bike with me on a trip I feel naked.

Full bikes with travel case starting slightly over $2000. and we offer full custom builds.






e-mails for complete discount price List!!! 



  Road Logic  steel frames by Tom  Ritchey.

In stock get yours now,  they are going in fast.

We will have a limited number on this first Run,  grab one now or lay-away.






: Tom Ritchey built his first road frame 45  +years ago and went on to bring numerous innovations to the craft. The 2012 Road Logic carries many of the subtleties and details gleaned from Tomís vast experience with steel frames.

: Tom designed an all-new, heat-treated and triple-butted Ritchey Logic tubeset for the new Road Logic, featuring aggressively short butted sections optimized for TIG welding that save weight and improve ride quality. Ritcheyís proprietary forged and machined integrated head tube uses standard drop-in bearings and saves 80 grams over a standard head tube design.

: Frames are handmade in Asia by a frame builder qualified by Tom Ritchey himself. And with room for 700x28c tires and classic Ritchey geometry, the Road Logic is ideally suited for long, epic days in the saddle on roads that are not always paved and still nimble and stiff enough to take the county line sprint at the end of the day. 


SIZE:               49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59cm

WEIGHT:        3.9lbs (55cm)

CONTACT:   Steve / Eric sale price Bicycledoctor@outlook.com
















Top Tube (actual)







Top Tube (effective)







Seat Tube Length (C-T)







Seat Tube Angle







Head Tube Angle







Head Tube Length







Chainstay Length







Bottom Bracket Drop







Post Diameter







Back in the Day Steve Hed & Steve Dodds at the Bike Show

Steve H took us all to new levels> His vision lives on with Anne And the staff are still turning out very nice wheels

Lets keep going fast !

Technical advantage: At 15MPH and up the cheating of the wind starts to have a real advantage over none aero wheels.  At 25mph, 80% of an average rider's power output is used just to overcome the effects of wind drag when riding on the flat. Any reduction in this percentage results in either an increase in speed or a decrease in effort.

The speed you can achieve on your bike is determined by two factors. The first is how much power you are able to produce, measured in watts. The second is wind resistance, commonly referred to as "drag" and is usually measured in pounds at 30 mph in wind tunnel testing. The faster you go, the more wind drag there is to overcome. This is why a rider with a technical advantage is often able to go faster than one with a greater power output.







E-mail  bicycledoctor@outlook.com 

Phone 812-825-5050 8-12 noon weekdays






Ritchey .  framesets  in stock  Call for the cash sale price!!






Official Bloomington Indiana

Cutter  Jersey

You have seen the movie "Breaking Away". (if not put it on your bucket list)

Award winning Movie "Breaking Away" Limited Edition Cutters Pro Cut Jersey $79.90  Special $59.90

Here your chance to own the official Bloomington Indiana Cutters Jersey 



 2022 cutter jersey: made from high Tec wicking material,

 very cool to wear both in looks and feel, 3/4  front zipper, four pockets on rear.

 Sale  price $79.90     



On a personal note: I was in the movie breaking away,  the cutters team in the movie used t-shirts but who wants a t-shirt,  the above Jersey will rival any Tour team Jersey both in functions and looks.

I love to ware a white jersey in the sun, its several degrees less that a printed jersey of the same material.   Plus its cool to be a cutter.







ZIPP  Wheels 404 /  303 / 303s / 808

2022 Carbon Clincher wheels with Lifetime factory warranty

Supper light, Aero, Comfortable










Our custom Little 500 (breaking away) bike wins again!

10th winning bike in 18 years!

Eric & steve "Thanks again for all of your hard work, it's always nice going in for

the final sprint knowing we have the best bike on the track."


Kappa Kappa Gamma   Little 500 champs



How to order 




 Ritchey  Break-A-way Frameset  and set-up , everyday bike and travel all in one

How to order 

 Complete Ritchey break-a-way in case ready to travel to Cayman Islands, Fast set-up, ride with  my friends in Cayman Islands Photo, was taken on Frank Sound Road





How to order 







Bicycledoctor@outlook.com  E-mail US to order.




    E-mail Us to order:  bicycledoctor@outlook.com

    www.bicycledoctor.net www.BicycleDoctorUSA.com www.bicycledoctor.us Bicycle Doctor, All trade marks of Bicycle Doctor Inc.

    * Limited edition Cutter Jersey $79.90


    Jersey sizing for Cutter Jersey. Pro cut not tailored.

    XS-32-34" - Chest

    S-34-36" - Chest








    6XL-50-52" - Chest

    Pick your size carefully, all sales final, We do exchange sizes if the Jersey not returned in its factory  package all tags attached unused. Exchange postage both ways purchaser responsibility.




    E-mail bicycledoctor@outlook.com

    Phone:  812-825-5050

    How to order 


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