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2017 close-outs

Zipp Carbon wheels start under $1200.00 pair

We can help with all your Zipp / HED  / Ritchey  wheel needs at fair Price , 

Beware of counterfeits we only sell the real deal with Full Factory warranty. speed and reliability !!



e-mail : bicycledoctor@att.net

Racing road,  MTB and triathlon wheels.  Hed/ Zipp / Sram / Mavic / Profile Design / Ritchey  any model and Call/Email Steve or Eric for a quote once you have an idea of what you need/want!

Unbeatable prices and service from BicycledoctorUSA.com almost 50 years building the worlds finest bikes and wheels at a fair price, get your  quote today.


Zipp-HED-Ritchey-SRAM-Profile Design: e-mail for  sale  list


 One of the Largest Bicycle  wheel shops in the USA, all the top brands at a fair price.

All proven wheels with speed  reliability , Parts and service  not a problem with a name brand with a USA factory warranty. 

WE can Help you with all Your HED wheels needs at a price you will Like!

Steve & Anne Hed, Steve Dodds and my inside sales team Andy, Paul , not in photo Vince.

I am sorry to say Steve Hed pasted away , he left a great team lead by his wife Anne HED a former Racer herself,   No worries The vision and  knowledge was pasted on for strong fast wheels Made in The USA shipped world wide to anyone thats wants to go fast.


2017  Sale any model, we have them ALL, email us for current offerings. e-mail Bicycledoctor@att.net





Why do Aero wheels go Fast

There nothing you can install on your bike that will make it go as fast as a light weight aero wheel.


Technical advantage: At 15MPH and up the cheating of the wind starts to have a real advantage over none aero wheels. At 25mph, 80% of an average rider's power output is used just to overcome the effects of wind drag when riding on the flat. Any reduction in this percentage results in either an increase in speed or a decrease in effort.

The speed you can achieve on your bike is determined by two factors. The first is how much power you are able to produce, measured in watts. The second is wind resistance, commonly referred to as "drag" and is usually measured in pounds at 30 mph in wind tunnel testing. The faster you go, the more wind drag there is to overcome. This is why a rider with a technical advantage is often able to go faster than one with a greater power output.

In addition to the factors above WEIGHT or lack of weight drops the rational weight, you will use less out put to keep wheels spinning over the coarse of the ride, Just a few grams can mean you moved a few 100 extra pounds at the end of the ride, that extra weight wearing you down, I often use the term do you want to run in Boots or light tennis shoes.


Emma with The New  Zipp 202 we also have 303 / 404 / 808 we have them all

 Firecrest Carbon Clincher  special on previous model years while they last!

Check with us on 2017 Close-outs

 Request our Complete wheel List!   BicycleDoctor@att.net


2018 Zipp  NSW  are now in stock along with most of the other's

Come in for a demo ride there no cost.

Carful you will fall in Love with these wheels






Mavic Wheel Sale

Cosmic Carbone SLs  $799.90 pair

Ksyrium Elite $599.90 pair






 Mavic Cosmic Carbone $799.90 pair

While they last!

Shimano/Sram ready!!

Brand new full factory 2 year warranty.

Includes front and rear wheel, release, tool kit, manuals, special magnet and 2 year warranty, option for free 2 year free repair or replacement

All rear wheels come with the Mavic ED10 cassette body, as a option we have M10 cassette body available.

How to order Customer comments



Campy Body option: $49.90



Summer Mavic  wheel sale startsToday.

Cosmic Carbone SLs Sale  $799.90


while they last!


All our in stock previous year Zipp wheels are now on sale!

e-mail  for the  sale wheel price list!




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PHONE:   812-825-5050  Call 8-12noon Mon-Friday.

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