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New  Fuji Jari 

Fuji World Class Gravel and adventure bike ready to ride from $999.90   up to  $2600.00

Gravel bike. All-road bike. Adventure bike. road bike. Whatever you call the category, Fuji has upped the arms race. Significantly. With its lightest and best carbon fiber, Fuji created a game-changer: the first truly one-piece carbon gravel bike in the world.


With sram Force AXS e-tap

Fuji 1.1 CARBON:  call and get our discount price save 100's










You want a bike for fitness. You want a bike for commuting. You want a bike for your first charity ride. And you want it to be fun, and fast. You want the standard-bearer for aluminum flat-bar road bikes, the one that does it all: the Absolute.

Fuji Absolute price vary from $489.90 from the light weight aluminum models to $1500.00 for the super light weight Carbon model before discounts



Fuji transonic starting under  unadvertised discounted price 

We can help with all your Fuji needs:    www.fujibikes.com

Today, Fujiís full line of bikes makes it one of the top four brands sold through the specialty bicycle retail channel in the U.S., distributed in more than 100 markets worldwide. Its award-winning road, mountain, gravel, touring, recreation and electric bikes appeal to cyclists of all ages and abilities.


From cutting-edge racers like the new Transonic, womenís Supreme and Auric LT, to groundbreaking designs like the new Jari Carbon, to the versatility and fun of the best-selling Absolute series, Fuji leads the industry in the combination of engineering and value.


As we begin our second 120 years, we know our customers will still continue to say, ďMy first bike was a Fuji.Ē And we know their next bike will be, too.


Meet the Speed Queen, one bike that has it all. It's fast. It's lightweight. It's comfortable. It's designed for disc brakes. It's the new Fuji standard. And it's built for women.

Special pricing call us or Email us lets chat:   BicycleDoctor@outlook.com  812-825-5050


e-mail;  Bicycledoctor@att.net   Phone: 812-825-5050 8-12noon weekdays


Do not forget our next Generation of riders

Designed for kids looking to start exploring Bike trails  trails, parks, and dirt lots and/or parents seeking to introduce their children to the world of Bike on and off the road , Fuji Dynamite is their gateway with a world class bike  like mom and Dads  that's safe , durable  bike that will last years unlike the big box stores throw away bikes .  

From $349.90





"Incredible bike- so light and fast with the Zipp wheels. Have to tame it on the descents. Everyone is raving about is -it's weight and its beauty."


Orrett Connor,:  with  his new Fuji 1.1 SL  Grand Cayman Islands  and South Carolina





 My friend OC  on his Fuji FUJI one of his many bikes. 




Above Fuji  Absolute Fitness or Life style Bike

 Flat bars for that up right comfortable ride.

Absolute series range in price from below $400 to slightly below $950.00

In the photo one of more popular loaded with features  Fuji 1.9, Light weight parts & disc brakes




 Fuji world Class Tri frame and Road Framesets

specials:  BicycleDoctor@outlook.com





Stop do not purchase a Fuji bicycle Till you get our Price on the package!

Learn and see more www.fujibikes.com or feel free to drop us a e-mail / call for complete pricing.

Fuji Transonic wind tunnel proven up to 65 sec faster than some of the very best frames in the world.  http://www.fujibikes.com/transonic/ 

http://www.fujibikes.com/transonic/speed/   and www.fujibikes.com  Feel free to e-mail us or Call for complete pricing.

Transonic SL 1.1 Sold as a frameset and Complete Bikes

 check with us for special price save $100s and 100s!







Above Fuji Absolute models Range in price Feel free to e-mail or call to find the right model for you.

Learn and see more www.fujibikes.com or feel free to drop us a e-mail for complete pricing.









FUJI NONCOM 1.1  available as a frameset of complete bike  special!




Its called the "Norcom"  we thing it should be the "Razor blade"  looking from front to back.

fitcomesfirst.com    http://www.fujibikes.com/

Orders & Questions E-mail BicycleDoctor@att.net  

Available as a frameset and complete Bike

First Impressions:

Smooth. That was honestly the first thing that popped in my head while riding a mostly stock Norcom Straight 1.1. Of course it was the highest end bike they will offer so it should be good, and it was. I found it very easy to adjust to find your comfortable spot on the seat, put your head down, and push. Even while in aero position the ride felt very stable and inspired confidence on the crowded streets of downtown Boulder. I honestly canít say much about the aerodynamics other than seat of the pants Ė it felt faster than any road bike, thatís for sure. The important thing to take away is that with minimal effort, a few allen wrenches, and probably not enough time I was able to dial in a Tri bike I had never seen or ridden before and feel comfortable.

   Taking orders now.  feel free to e-mail us for more information or visit www.Fujibike.com   for lots of information.   order from : Bicycledoctor@att.net






  FUJI Sportif  Road Bike


full ready to ride Road Bikes

Check them out at http://www.fujibikes.com/ 



FUJI  Nevada 29er

  check with us for shop discounts or offers we have during our special,  we have other models below and above in stock!!

Built with Fuji-designed Vera Terra rims and wrapped in Vera Eos 29" x 2.1" tires, the 1.5 is your ticket to rolling like a champ on 29-inch wheels.

  hydraulic lockout  shoxand 100mm of travel to leave you feeling fresher at the end of the ride.

   check them all out http://www.fujibikes.com/   

Cash/Check Discount available  form www.BicycleDoctorUSA.com



 Fuji Touring


Great bike bike for loaded travel gravel /tuff city streets and loaded touring.


A staple in our lineup, the Fuji Touring is one of the most respected bikes on the market for loaded travel . A bike handles differently when weighted with gear

 and needs to be designed for these extra stressors, which manifest themselves most when braking on long descents.

With custom-tapered Elios 1 steel tubing, 36-hole rims, bar-end shifting, and a triple crankset from FSA, the Fuji Touring has the muscle for the challenge





My Mom with her New FUJI ABSOLUTE 2.0 at her Florida home

Flat bar Bike, great for the road and trail very comfortable and smooth to ride  Absolute comes in five models, Range from $489.90 to $899.90 before discount!  Also comes in a Men's model below.


Emma Dodds with the Mens 4.0 Absolute starting $479.90

Check out the full line at www.FujiBicycles.com








Pass the Fun to our small ones,  Emma Dodds 8 years old with her new 24 Fuji.





 Fuji SST 1.0  back in the Day with emma

Emma as tall as Eric now in last year in High School



D-6's  been replaced by  The new Fuji Norcom now available

Eric setting a D-6 n, The D-6  are gone now,  thought you might want to see Eric in Action









Fuji Aloha Tri Bike:    (set-up ready to ride while they last)

special pricing during sale





 Contact us for current offerings on all Fuji bikes!








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  • *  Fuji Sl  complete bike with tubular wheels and tires just a little over 10LB   ,  with clinchers about 13lb +/-  will vary with size.

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