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 If I got to explain it, you may not be ready!

 But I will try, if you want to know more about the worlds finest Headsets-Hub-Bottom bracket Cup give us a call or let us install King on your new ride.

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Chris King Headsets & Wheels:  Special pricing!


Take 10% off all MSRP price below all , month!



Ride  Precision Hubs/wheels and Headset we call   "forever parts"  completely serviceable, will last forever.

Unmatched Quality and reliability for training wheels and long distance Riding on & off the Road. 10 year Warranty

Contact us for more information on special pricing on King, 



MSRP: King  headset $136.90




MSRP: King Bottom bracket Cups $135.90




MSRP King Hubsets rim Brake:

Classic road/cross Hubset $479.90

Classic Mountain Hubset: $479.90




MSRP: King  Disc Hubsets:

ISO STD. 1 pc axel  King hubset:  MSRP $568.90

Road Chris king hubset $538.90

King Hub service tool kit: MSRP $160.00 (for the home or professional bike guy/gal that does their own work)



Ready to use King wheels

There are many top of the line wheel sets today but there's only one Chris King wheel package.

A great training wheel or everyday wheelset, completely rebuild able using Kings forever Hubs.

 Using traditional spokes that are field serviceable anywhere in the world.









We can offer any combination of hubs and colors that King makes, feel free to contact us with your needs.


Our shop can supply any product at a fair price.






    Phone:  812-825-5050

    How to order 


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