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Cutters Titanium Road and  MTB 29er  frames

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  Award winning  Movie "Breaking Away" Limited  Edition Cutters Pro Cut Jersey $79.90 with any purchase!

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Cutters Titanium Road Frame

$599.90 special


Cutters Titanium Gravel Frame

$899.90 special




I grew up next to a Quarry , quarry worker where tuff   we hard to name our frame after them, back in the day they did not have the machinery they have today .

I am sure there still Tuff but its was a cold dirty and all mussel to get roack out of the ground in those days with primitive equipment compared to today.

Now you ride roads and gravel with a frame that will take it and comfortable to.

Quarry Worker frame or complete bike


Dual Platform  Run 700c tires and wheels from 700x28  up to my pick 700x40*

you can also run MTB wheels up to 29er 2.1*

*tire size will vary with brand

Cutter Gravel Titanium Quarry worker.


World Famous

The Bike that Raced across America in 7 Days!

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Design in Bloomington Indiana / Sold world wide!

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Why titanium frame?  Its one of the Most powerful / light weight / comfortable rides you can Buy.

Titanium will Last forever will not Rust or Corrode. It can be your last frame or till your ready for Cutters Titanium off road model to match. The two most useful properties of the metal form are corrosion resistance, and the high strength-to-weight ratio.

Titanium  Light, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including sea water) Ti Grayish color needs no paint and can be polished for sexy looks.  Titanium  strong as Steel and a little lighter and  feather weight comfortable ride like steel.   There still a few High end steel frames today like Ritchey but they are becoming hard to get its almost a lost skill with today's frames that come out of molds.  ,  Many today have not experienced the ride of steel Ti close.  Tom Ritchey makes a very nice steel frame,  give steel   a try  fraction of cost and the ride of  many Titanium.



100% aerospace Grade cold worked 3AL/2.5V seamless Titanium tubing.

Titanium CNC machined 68mm Bottom bracket-Titanium CNC  7mm drop outs- Radial bend seat stays and sculpted chain stays. sized for and we  recommend Chris King 1 1/8 headset.Cutters signature lending edge head tube- strength of 1 1/4 using standard 1 1/8  headset & fork



MSRP $1299.90 frame Road.   Special   Road$599.90 while they last.


Same frame Dave rode across America in 7 days


Ready to ride let us know your needs or move your group and parts to this frame,

Frame sizes: 50-54-56-58  while they last



It was easy to write a glowing report for you on the Cutters bike:

"The Cutters Ti bike from the Bicycle Doctor (Bloomington, IN) was a

perfect fit for Team Race Across America. Team RAAM is similar to the

race that made the name "Cutters" famous. Just as in the Little 500,

each RAAM rider pulls for about 15 minutes then exchanges with a

teammate. But instead of racing for 50 miles, it's 3000 miles! You

need a bike that is durable and stiff, but comfortable at the same

time. The Cutters Ti was perfect. During the exchanges it got up to

speed in a hurry and was rock solid on the fast downhill's, with no

worries of instability or high speed wobble. You could scream down the

mountain passes with confidence. In seven days of all-out racing the

Cutters Ti covered over 800 miles, on every type of road surface this

country offers, without a single problem. It disappered beneath me and

became part of me. It was as solid as Indiana limestone, just as the

name "Quarry Worker" on the top tube implies. I loved riding it."

Dave Tanner

Team TherAplay


3rd place in the 4-person mixed under 50 team category

7 days, 4 hours, 59 minutes coast to Coast.


Click to super size photo's Dave Tanner at the Bloomington Timing station on His Cutters Titanium Frame.

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Cutters 29er Titanium Frame or complete Bike,

9er 9er or single speed.

Cutters Titanium 29er MTB frame, Model: Quarry Worker:   frame sizes 15-17-19-21  while they last.

MSRP $1099.90 sale $899.90*

Dual drop outs for single & gear use on the 29er

Designed in Bloomington Indiana, ship world wide.

  Titanium frames start $1099.90 ,    current special $899.90


Sculpture rear chain stays, cutters signature lending edge head tube- strength of 1 1/4 using standard 1 1/8  headset & fork!

To order yours or any question e-mail



Cutters Triathlon Titanium frame




FYI: What's a Quarry:

An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging , cutting or blasting. After all the prime stone has been removed the quarry hole often fills with spring water for a prime swimming, often called a quarry hole. Many have names by the quarry owner or the local kids may just name  them , some that come to mind, Icebox, Long Hole, Texas, Sanders, Roof Top and  Empire. 


FYI:  What's a cutter,:

In Bloomington Indiana , students that came to Indiana University often called the working class local kids Cutters.

In the early Fifties & Sixties the working class  in Bloomington  had many choices for employment working at the largest TV assembly plant  in the world RCA., Otis- building  elevators , Westinghouse plant, GE assembly plant,  IU or one of the many active local Quarries.    In fact the Quarry  industry employment  was small compared to other work.  Local kids were still called cutters because of the quarrying of limestone's long history in the area before the above factory's came to town.


Swimming at the local quarry!!  Yes I'm Cutter and remember the days at the Quarry in our youth.

When we were  young boys in the 60s not many summer days passed without  a dip in the quarry close to our house. Swimming, playing and exploring the quarry was a true adventure. I think we understand what famous explorers must have felt  like.  Much like Columbus discovering the new world, Carter  opening up King Tut Tomb, Jacques Cousteau under water ,Wright brothers & their pursuit of flight . and other  famous explorers. 

At 10-15 years old our adventures were a lot more important.   We would walk by the workers and jump in the water filled worked out quarry holes that filled with fresh spring water.  In the 60s if you got hurt is was your fault, the workers &  owners never said a thing to us.  With today's law suits and liability issues its hard to get permission from quarry owners and heartless & sole less corporation. I, yes I still feel that adventure of 40 plus years ago discovering a new world. 


Our custom Little 500 (breaking away) bike wins again!

10th winning bike in 18 years!

Eric & steve "Thanks again for all of your hard work, it's always nice going in for

the final sprint knowing we have the best bike on the track."


Kappa Kappa Gamma   Little 500 champs   click here for more Little 500 infomation.



Above Photo:         Eric Dodds with soon to become 7 time Tour winner Lance Armstrong at the Little 500 Bike race.

 "I've attended Super Bowls, World Series and the Monaco Grand Prix, but the coolest event I ever attended was the Little 500. It's a fifty-mile relay bike race at Indiana University, and the teams get a lot of enthusiastic support. Every sports fan should see it live." Lance Armstrong

Above Photo:       Photo of myself with my friend Bill Armstrong in a packed stadium with 20,000 plus fans in the back ground.  Bills the man we all give credit to for the world best cycling event in the US  the little 500 race. The Little 500 Bike stadium named after him, 
Bill Armstrong Stadium is home to the Little 500 bike race, the NCAA National Champion Men's Soccer Team, and the Women's Soccer Team.  I just happen to be at the Bloomington Hospital when I ran into him for the last time, it turned to be a few days before his passing, I spent a few minutes talking Little 5 not knowing he would be gone in a matter days.


click rear view.

Award winning  Movie "Breaking Away" Limited  Edition Cutters Pro Cut Jersey!

 Sale price: as low as $79.50 with any purchase


Own a Piece of cycling  History ,  "Authentic Little 500 bikes" that was raced

the World Famous Little 500 bike race.  A bike you can ride , hang in your office, Business.


We call it rideable art work.

$499.90  full bike

We also have 10  Autograph by Team members  and Eric championship bikes we built that won the Little 500 $15,000. each.




Award winning Movie Breaking Away Limited Edition Cutters Pro Cut Jersey!

Sale price: as low as $79.50 with any purchase

A must have gift for yourself and your cycling Friends.

Yes I am a old school Bloomington Cutter that grow up in Bloomington Indiana, but never on the Cutter cycling Team. My Friends Hank West (0wner ), Terry Dix, Ted Miller, Ted Frame and Myself Steve Dodds (owner with my son Eric, a Cutter, a bike Builder and SAE) lived the life of the Cutters in the 60s and early 70s. We spent almost every spare day each summer swimming at the local Quarry's in and around Bloomington, Indiana and cruising the Indiana University campus. At the time growing up in Bloomington we felt the emotions of the movie cutters. In 1979 I was in the movie Breaking Away. Our shop has turned out 10 championship custom Little 500 bikes in the last 18 years. The bike in the photo was the winning bike and we have 10 others hanging in our shop for viewing. The above Jersey a team Quality, with 50 cm invisible front zipper with three rear pockets, plus a small zipper security-ipod-MP3 pocket. Silicone waist Gripper and special under arm and side panels material to wick and vent heat.

*Sizing chart on web site. XS-6X in stock.

Euro cut 1-2 sizes under your normal size t-shirt.

2009 Jersey Pro Cut Cutters MSRP $145.00 Sale $89.90. $79.90 with any purchase, all sizes.



Yours for only $79.90 with any purchase.

Jersey sizing for Cutter Jersey. Club cut not tailored.

XS-32-34" - Chest

S-34-36" - Chest








6XL-50-52" - Chest

Pick your size carefully, all sales final, We do exchange sizes if the Jersey not returned in its factory  package all tags attached unused. Exchange postage both ways purchaser responsibility.

Click to super size photo.

Brown county state Park Mountain bike trail, 18 miles east of Bloomington Indiana.

8551 west Gardner road,

Bloomington, Indiana 47403

e-mail orders to:     phone 1-812-825-5050

  Future owner's Eric & Emma Dodds 2007

  Emma Dodds & her Daddy setting up her New 16" Raleigh  6-08

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